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When it comes to breaking away from the daily grind, nothing beats a vacation. Whether it’s a long weekend away at the beach, a week or two while you explore the countryside, or even a month of backpacking through a foreign country. As enjoyable as these experiences are, they often also come with a break away from your regular sports training routine. Not only can this be damaging to your progress and goals, but you can also return feeling less fit than when you left which is a serious demotivator.

Easy Ways to Take Your Sports Training with You as You Travel

If you have a vacation planned or you regularly travel for work and find that your sports training suffers because of it, ;Athletic Republic Pittsburgh ;is here to help with easy to follow tips to help you keep up your sports training and stay on target while on vacation.

Pack the Gym with You

No, this doesn’t mean that you should pack up your weights and your treadmill and attempt to claim it as your ‘personal items’ when boarding the plane. However, there are small items which you can easily fit into your checked baggage that can take the place of some of the more basic exercises in your routine, such as:

A skipping rope is one of the best ways to get in a good cardio session. The actual item is also remarkably easy to pack into your suitcase. In addition to being convenient to travel with, the act of skipping rope is something which you can do anywhere while you’re on vacation.

Resistance bands are another great item to pack into your suitcase, and can easily be attached to furniture in your hotel room, or even to infrastructure in public spaces, such as handrails or light poles.

Pushup handles offer another way to keep up with your training and are easy to take with you to the beach or just to a local park where you can get in a good workout.

Don't Forget About Inhouse Facilities

Many travelers discount the in-house gym offerings in their hotels. While the equipment may not be state-of-the-art, it’s certainly likely to be state-of-the-will-do. When booking your hotel or even Air BnB accommodation, look at what facilities are offered and let that guide your decision.

When choosing, remember that these facilities are never going to match the level of equipment that you can find at professional sports training complexes like ;Athletic Republic ;Pittsburgh - Training Center. However, they will do the job while you’re away. When you return, be sure to get back into the swing of things before you lose motivation by ;calling ;Athletic Republic Pittsburgh ;at ;724 933 4317. With qualified and experienced personal trainers on hand, ;Athletic Republic Pittsburgh ;can help you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely.

Find a Local Gym

If you are visiting a regular tourist destination then you are likely to find many gyms which will offer you a one-day pass. Some of them can even provide you with a temporary trainer to help you follow your structured routine. If maintaining your strict sports training routine is important to you, similar to the point above, let the availability of a gym which offers day passes guide you when deciding where to stay.

Meet up with Locals

If you are visiting a city then it’s likely that there are a number of local fitness groups, especially focused on walking, power walking, and running. Use social media to search for and to get in touch with some of these groups and arrange to join their activities. In addition to keeping up your fitness, walking and running groups are a great way to meet locals and get friendly advice on where to stay and what to do. If that wasn’t enough, these groups often walk or run during the night (in safe and familiar places), giving you the ability to see a side of the city that you ;never would ;have seen.

Be Sure to Get Your Sports Training in TARGET Back on Track When You Return

If you feel like your progress has slipped or stopped entirely while on your vacation and you have returned feeling sluggish, don’t let it get the better of you. ;Speak with ;the pros at ;Athletic Republic ;at ;724 933 4317 ;and arrange to meet up with a qualified and professional sports trainer who can not only get you back on ;track, ;but also help you to find ways to improve your progress and make up for any losses.