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How to Stay Hydrated When Working Out

There is never a bad time to pay attention to your hydration levels, especially undertaking a training program or working out. Take the time to read some easy to follow tips from Athletic Republic, Pittsburgh for staying hydrated.

Start Your Hydration Before You Start Your Workout

The best time to begin hydration is around 2 to 3 hours prior - around 17 ounces of water. This gives your body a reserve to take from as you start to work out and before you take your next drink.

Keep Your Hydration Levels up During a Workout

The amount of water you will require depends on the level of workout you're undertaking. As a general guide, look to drink around 7 ounces of water at 10 minute intervals. If you are looking to supplement your water with a targeted sports drink, speak with your trainer about the best option to match your activity. Of course, the best way to gauge your hydration level is to listen to your body. If you feed yourself becoming faint or nauseous, stop your exercise and hydrate immediate.

Don't Stop Once You Stop

Just because you've stopped putting strain on your muscles doesn't mean that they stop requiring hydration. To help boost your muscle repair and prevent unnecessary damage and muscle loss, try to drink another 8 ounces of water before resting or going to sleep. Finishing a workout with a designed recovery drink can be a replacement should your trainer feel it appropriate.

Sports Training in Pittsburgh

Staying hydrated and ensuring successful muscle recovery are key to a successful training plan. Speak with a training professional at Athletic Republic, Pittsburgh on 724 933 4317 about how our training programs can help you get the most out of your training sessions.