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Whether the purpose of your training is to attain olympic level performance, wanting to improve your hitting accuracy and speed, or simply just looking to improve your general and overall fitness levels, there is one thing that each share - what not to do!

Keep Your Sports Training Workout in Wexford on Track With These Easy to Follow Tips

While it’s true that each individual sport brings with it its own challenges and obstacles, Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center has three common mistakes that athletes, at all levels, tend to make and how you can avoid them.


Have you ever heard the old saying that you need eight hours of sleep a night to be at your best performance? While this can vary between person and athlete, one thing remains true - it’s the quality of the sleep that counts. To help prepare your body for the workout ahead it first needs to rest and recover from yesterday's training. If it isn’t allowed to do this, you’re just going into your next workout at a disadvantage. Start by setting up a sleep routine - something simple like reading for 15 minutes before bed or spending some time with the kids before getting them ready for bed can be a great way to train your body that it’s about to sleep and recover.

Bedroom Is for Sleep

Instead of going into bed early and watching TV or playing video games, train your mind and body that the bed is there for sleep. If you must do any of these stimulating activities before you sleep, make sure they’re done in a room completely separate so as not to associate.

Your Bed Is for Sleep

If you have any alarms that you need to set, or messages and emails that you need to reply to, do them before you get into bed and before you feel sleepy. Training the mind and body to fall asleep quickly when you get into your bed can help you rest easier and give your body a better chance at recovery. If you feel like you just aren’t getting quality sleep and you’re unsure what you’re doing wrong, speak with a trainer and get their professional advice. Give Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center a call at 724-933-4317 and ask for tips on how you can gain a better quality sleep and how this can be incorporated into your sports training workout in Wexford. With expert advice, trainers at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center can assess your routine and help you get your body ready for the next session.

Are You Eating the Right Foods?

Just because you’re doing intense body building or an athletic level sports training workout in Wexford doesn’t mean that you should just eat anything and everything that is put in front of you. Listen to your trainer and speak about the muscle groups that you are activating during your sessions, and what kind of nutrients they require to not only grow, but grow well. On top of this, as everybody is different there could be foods, especially protein shakes or bars, that include ingredients that your body just isn’t good at processing. This kind of advice is only available through somebody who is able to monitor your progress and take the time to understand your eating habits before providing quality advice.

Drink, Drink, Drink!

While you may be excited by the title, we aren’t talking about a cocktail or a beer. For this one, we’re definitely talking about water. Seen by some athletes as an afterthought to their training and substituted by protein shakes, the benefits of simple and basic hydration are undeniable. As you move through your sports training workout in Wexford, listen to your body and its needs. Keep your fluid levels up and consistent throughout your sessions and don’t try to anticipate when you’re going to need water. Keeping your body hydrated before it screams out for it can improve muscle growth and recovery, along with allowing your body as a whole to perform better. If the taste of water just doesn’t do it for you, speak with your trainer about simple flavor additives that can help you get it down, or sports based drinks that can be used alongside water to improve your hydration and performance levels.

Perform Better With a Quality Sports Training Complex in Wexford

If you’re looking to get the most out of your limited time during your training sessions and want to make sure that your body is being taken care of, both inside and outside your sports training complex in Wexford, speak with an expert at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center at 724-933-4317. With professional knowledge and extensive experience, Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center are in the best position to give you quality advice targeted to your body and your individual training needs.