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As an athlete, the best way to test your skills and abilities is competing. It doesn’t matter whether you play in a team or an individual spot. However, getting anxious before an event is relatively common, yet this stress can decrease your performance. For this reason at Athletic Republic in Pittsburgh, we would like to share a few ideas to cope with this situation. 

Get Distracted

Don’t get us wrong, during your competition you will have to be completely focused. However, you shouldn’t think about it days or weeks before, as it will only trigger unnecessary stress. This is easier said than done; engaging your mind in other mental activities is a great step towards controlling the nervousness. 

Learn a Relaxation Technique

There are many great choices to ease the stress symptoms that won’t allow you to perform properly. The most common and simple option is abdominal breathing. Stand on a straight position and place a hand on your abdomen, while the other on your chest. Your goal should be that your abdomen expands instead of your chest while breathing. 


Remember that you have been preparing for this event and you have to trust your skills and training. Many athletes only think about the outcome of a competition, which will only set high expectation that can lead to fear of failure. This extra pressure can be a big obstacle during a competition, instead, your priority should be having fun.

There are no shortcuts to reach your goals, it takes time, effort and discipline but you can always get an extra hand. At Athletic Republic, we have designed scientifically based programs to enhance the skills you need. Think about us next time you are looking for sports training in Pittsburgh. Please call 724-933-4317 to learn more about our exclusive programs.