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Even if you aren't heavily into exercise there are ways you can include small amounts into your daily routine. This article has some of those great ways. Incidental exercise is the term given to the small amounts of exercise that you do throughout your day. Activities like walking to the printer and back, getting up to make a coffee, using the broom to sweep and clean, as mentally and physically basic as they may seem, are actually instances of incidental exercise. Is this level of exercise going to help you lose weight or bulk up? No. Can it easily be expanded on to get these results? You bet it can!

How to Include Incidental Exercise in Your Daily Routine

With extensive experience training athletes or all levels, Athletic Republic Pittsburgh just how important it is to find ways to incorporate exercise into every aspect of your lifestyle and has the following tips to share.

Let's Start With the Stairs

Escalators and Elevators are the easiest way to get between levels. However, if you are only going to one level in your office, swap the elevator for a quick walk up or down the stairs. It will only take a few extra seconds and is a great way to get your body moving.

Park Further Away

Everybody drives around the car park looking for the closest spot. And do you know what is free while this is happening? All of the other car parks which are slightly further away from the entrance. While you may be in the habit of hunting for the closest spot, swap the behavior and instead enjoy the short walk.

Lock Away the Remote!

It can be hard to even imagine a time when you didn’t have a remote control for the TV, let alone remember such a time! However, there was once such a time, and the world managed to get by just fine. Get your TV remote and lock it away. Instead, each time that you want to change the channel or the volume, get off the couch and do it manually. When you are ready to take your exercise from incidental to something more formal, speak with Athletic Republic Pittsburgh at (724) 933-4317 to learn about how they can help you with your sports training in TARGET to achieve whatever fitness goal you have set for yourself.

Spice up Your Chores!

Do you know what is a boring task? Sweeping or mopping the floor. It’s slow and you don't really enjoy it. But, if you were to add some uplifting music or potentially your favorite karaoke song and suddenly the broom becomes a microphone and you are singing and dancing your way around the kitchen as you clean and giving your muscles a stretch.

Swap Delivery for a Short Walk

Whether you have your lunch delivered at work or the dinner delivered in the evening, ditch the delivery and instead, opt for the short walk! While you may feel tired from sitting at your desk all day, these are the times where your muscles could use an activity boost the most! Even if it’s a short 2-minute walk to the cafe, it’s 2 minutes more than nothing and your legs and veins will thank you!

Rearrange Your Kitchen

Pots and pans are heavy, so you often put them in the most convenient place. Reasonable enough. However, if you were to place them in an overhead cupboard then you would need to engage your core along with stretching out your arms and activating your biceps each time that you needed to get it down or put it back up! Is it a mere 30 seconds of stretching? Yep! Does it help? You bet it does!

Don't Fill Your Glass

It’s important for everybody to stay hydrated during the day, which involves consuming a solid amount of water. Instead of receiving this from a number of larger glasses,  break it down into smaller glasses. With this method, getting more water becomes getting up from your desk and heading to the tap double the times you usually would. Again, is this a small amount of exercise? It sure is! But does it all help? Absolutely, yes!

Professional Sports Training in TARGET

When it comes to training, there is no better place to do it than Athletic Republic Pittsburgh. With state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced staff,  athletes at all levels can take advantage of their services and equipment. Call today at (724) 933-4317 to learn more about how they can take your sports training in TARGET to the next level and help you reach your fitness goals faster.