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 As an athlete, you’re likely already familiar with the best foods for your body, to help regulate and maintain your energy levels and endurance. However, you should be just as aware of the foods that you should avoid. If you’re not sure about those just yet, then pay attention to these tips from Athletic Republic in Pittsburgh today. We’d like to offer you a list of foods you, as an athlete, should be avoiding. At the very least, put them to a minimal in your diet. At best, remove them completely. 

Diet Sodas and carbonated drinks as a whole should really not be a part of your daily intake. They contain loads of added sugar that will only lead to weight gain. Yes, they may provide you with a bit of energy as you’re planning on working out, but remember that this energy will not last long. Just as with coffee the caffeine rush will go quickly and you’ll be left feeling sluggish mid workout. Switch to green tea instead, which will also provide some caffeine, but the release of the caffeine happens more slowly and therefore lasts longer. 

It may seem easy to go for a quick canned soup option if you need a boost before a workout. however, it’s so important to remember that not only does canned soup have incredibly high amounts of sugar, it also contains high amounts of sodium that you just don’t need. If you are sold on canned soup, at the very least, get the low sodium option. It’s best though, to eliminate it altogether and get something homemade. 

Rice cakes might seem like an excellent snack choose. They’re super convenient and you can cover them in nut butter, giving you that protein boost you need, and no unnecessary calories. However, you’d honestly be better off eating the nut butter by itself. While it’s true that rice cakes do not have much caloric contact, the calories you will find there are empty. As an athlete, your calories should mean something and provide energy to burn. Rice cakes then, are just a waste of time. 

Finally, though it may be fun to relax and unwind a bit, especially after a tough competition, remember to seriously limit your intake of alcohol. Remember that it dehydrates and seriously limits muscle recovery. Beers and mixed drinks especially, have a ton of sugar that is only going to lead to weight gain and a higher BMI. 

If you’re ready to advance even further as an athlete, running faster, training harder, getting better, then your next step should be to contact us at Athletic Republic in Pittsburgh for the best athletic training around. Call us today to find out how we can best help you achieve higher goals than you thought possible, 724-933-4317