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Spring is known for beautiful weather and cleaning your house. But why not include a cleanse of your body, also? This post has some great (and realistic) ideas on how to do just that!

For some of us, exercising and eating healthy all year round comes naturally. However, for the other 99% of us, it's something which needs a bit of a push to get going. Consider spring to be that push! Below are some great and realistic ideas from Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center for getting your body and your lifestyle into better shape this spring.

Have You Ever Heard of Juicing?

It’s a phenomenon where you drink nothing but juice all day and night long and exercise! If you have heard of it and thought it sounded far too intense for anything you would be interested in, then you are going to love this tip! While juice is a great way to help improve your health and cleanse your body, you don’t need to drink it for every meal to reap its benefits. In fact, this tip comes in the form just getting you to drink one glass of fresh juice a day. Preferably with breakfast. The easiest way to make juice is to simply peel some of your favorite fruit and a few cubes of ice, and blend it until it’s smooth. If you want to make any healthy additions for flavor or texture then be sure to do so! Whatever it takes to make a delicious and healthy juice. If you can keep this up during the entire spring season we are confident you won’t want to stop!

Increase Your Water Intake

Before you dismiss this tip as just another annoying person telling you to drink your eight glasses of water a day, this tip just asks you to increase your water intake. While it would be ideal to hit your preferred water intake, for some of us it just isn’t as easy as that. For this reason, don’t feel bad or down when you get to the end of the day and you’ve only been able to drink a few glasses. Instead, this spring, focus on increasing your water intake instead of focusing solely on the ideal amount. If you are struggling to reach any amount, look for other ways to drink water, such as through flavored sports drinks. Give your health and fitness levels a boost this spring with sports training in McCandless. Speak with a professional at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center today by calling (724) 933-4317 and find out how sports training in McCandless can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Eat a New Healthy Item Each Week

One of the biggest challenges people face when attempting to change their diet is the immediate adjustment their body has to make to the new food. This reaction is often the reason why so many people fail their healthy eating plans. This spring, instead of aiming to change your entire eating routine, look to include one new healthy item a week. This could be a new vegetable which you see at the produce store right through to a new type of low-fat yogurt or ice cream. Whatever it is, as long as it’s new to your table and healthy, be sure to consider it as your nee weekly item. If you feel like taking this tip even further, at the end of a month, see if you can create a dish using the month’s new items as your main ingredients!


While the above tips are great for giving your insides a spring clean and help them to feel good, the best way to give the same feeling to the outside of your body is with some quality stretching. Set aside a good 30 minutes each morning or night and just stretch out your muscles. You will be surprised at just how tense and locked your muscles have become sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer screen. This could be something as simple as holding onto a rail on the train ride home and lifting yourself up on your toes to stretch your calves. Ideas like this are more than sufficient to squeeze in stretching time.

Sports Training in Target Can Help You Reach Your Goals

The above are some great ideas which are easy to incorporate into your daily life and can give you a great boost to your health! In addition to these tips during spring, speak with Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center at (724) 933-4317 about how professional sports training in McCandless can help you to reach your goals safely.