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Perspiration plays a significant role in helping you reach your athletic goals. Interested in learning how? Check out this post.

Sweating Helps Athletes Train Longer

Some people sweat, and some people don’t.  Sweat is your body’s natural response to temperature changes. Our brain sends signals to our sweat glands to perspire and decrease core temperature. This process is called thermoregulation. Professional athletes tend to sweat more than an average person. Sweat cools down their bodies and allows them to work out for longer periods


Your body’s ability to cool itself down is called thermoregulation. When it’s cold, you shiver to warm up, and when it’s hot, you sweat to cool down. Athletes are used to long and hard training sessions, which is why their bodies sweat more than average people’s. They lose more fluids while sports training. Excessive fluid loss can take a toll on an athlete’s body and performance.  If the liquid lost while sweating isn’t replenished, your circulatory system could be affected too. Proper hydration while training is crucial for thermoregulation. Without proper hydration, your body has no fuel left to lower its temperature. All the energy you have left is used to regulate your temperature, instead of being spent in muscle movement.

Dealing with Sweat

Not everyone enjoys sweating during a sports training session. To lessen your discomfort and body odor, try these tips.
  • Drink water or an energy drink before, during, and after your sports training.
  • Wear sweat-wicking clothes that don’t trap moisture and heat.
  • Don’t wear lotions or makeup. Take a shower or wash your face to unclog your pores before exercising.
  • Apply antiperspirant and remove excess body hair to deal with body odor.
  • Pull your hair up and away from your face and neck to cool down faster.

Work Up a Sweat at TARGET

Head to Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center to work up a sweat and become a better athlete. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle or sports drink! Contact them at 877-571-4042 to learn about their personalized training programs.