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Staying motivated to workout is a constant challenge. When the days start getting shorter and the temperatures start dropping, not many of us are jumping out of bed to start training at 6 am. Even the most dedicated athletes can find this time of year extremely taxing, but there are strategies that you can use to help you keep yourself motivated over winter.

How to Get out of Bed and to the Gym This Winter

For this article, the experts at Athletic Republic of Pittsburgh have a 5 top tips list to avoid a winter workout rut.

Set a Long-Term Goal

Goal-setting is a power psychological tool that can help you achieve more in many aspects of your life and work, as a well as your workouts. We are always setting goals for ourselves during each workout - whether it’s increasing the amount that you can deadlift, or pushing out five extra squats. These small challenges that we set ourselves help to keep us motivated and working hard, but they’re often not a big enough challenge to keep us going throughout the Winter. Setting a big, long-term goal during this period is one excellent way to avoid losing momentum when the weather gets bad, and the going gets tough. Whether you want to run a marathon, compete in your sport, or simply be in the shape of your life for the summer, having a clear idea of this long-term goal can make the difference between success and failure.

Find a Workout Wingman

Training with another person is an excellent way to improve accountability. If you’ve planned to head out for a run at 5.30 am and you know that your buddy is going to be there waiting for you, you can’t leave them hanging. On top of this, many studies have shown that people work out harder when they have someone else there pushing them on, whether this is a friend, partner, or personal trainer. So, find yourself a workout wingman, and you’ll be working out harder and more consistently right into the New Year. If you are having trouble finding a wingman that suits your schedule, speak with Athletic Republic Pittsburgh at 724-933-4317 and ask about one-on-one sports training sessions to keep you going through the cold. With state-of-the-art training equipment, Athletic Republic Pittsburgh can help you reach your fitness goals.

Try Something New

If you’ve been training the same way for a while now, you may find yourself in a rut. Going over the same exercise routine every week soon becomes easy and can become tedious. By sticking inside your comfort zone, you are not getting the full benefit of every minute of your workout. When you try something completely new, you challenge your body in a different way. Plus, you are more fully engaged in the activity, which can help you to stay motivated and avoid stagnation or back training. If you are unsure what to try, speak with a trainer about alternating some of your routines.

Pay Attention to Your Eating Plan

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, we all face the same temptation - evenings of ‘comfort food’ and a hearty beer. Add to this, the work Christmas parties, friend’s reunions, and family festivities, and you can see why December is one of the worst months of the year for your diet. Try to avoid falling into this trap, as eating poorly will only make you feel sluggish and will not help improve motivation. As we all know, ‘you can’t work off a bad diet,' so keep your 2017 goals clear in your mind, and think twice before your order that third mulled wine! If you ever find yourself in a tricky spot where the food is tempting, look at a picture of your favorite athlete and remember what you are working towards.

Invest in New Gear

Treating yourself to some new workout gear is a great way to give yourself a little boost of motivation at any time of year. In winter, it’s also important to ensure that you have the appropriate gear. If you plan on continuing to train outside, make sure that you have several layers of specially designed sweat-wicking material to keep you at a comfortable temperature for the full 90 minutes.

Up Your Game This Winter With Sports Training in Franklin Park

If you are feeling the effects of winter and find your progress is slowing, the time to jump on it is now. Speak with a trainer at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh at 724-933-4317 and talk about your goals and how professional sports training in Franklin Park can get you there.