Are you wondering about the common causes of running injuries and how to prevent them? If so, this is the article for you. In this post by Athletic Republic in Cranberry Township, you can learn more about the topic as well as get some tips on how you can train and be safe at the same time.

If you are someone that trains every day, having a running or walking injury can really come in the way of your training and may also cause you future problems when not taken proper care of. There are things you can do to ensure you prevent walking and running injuries and are able to keep on your normal training routine. Read this article by Athletic Republic in Cranberry Township to learn about some tips to prevent injuries.

Some Causes of Walking and Running Injuries

Structural Imbalance

Structural imbalance is one of the causes of running injuries. Structural imbalance presents itself when you are required to use a certain muscle group that may not be strong enough to support the action you are doing and therefore uses another muscle group to compensate. It's best to get checked out and look for any imbalance as this way, you can prevent getting injured.

Stressing the Body

When training, it's normal to want to push hard and want your body to adapt to the training you are putting it trough, but it's important to have limits. Pushing your body in extreme ways may cause too much stress. When the body doesn't have enough time to recover from that stress, it will keep on getting damaged, causing problems down the line.

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Differentiating between Pain and Soreness

To be able to react to an injury and properly take care of it, it's important to be able to differentiate between the feelings of pain and soreness. When having to figure out which is the one you are feeling, take aspects into consideration like your training regimen as well as the actual physical feeling. If you have recently changed training programs or have changed a big part of your training routine, it can be normal for you to experience some soreness due to the change in movements. On the other hand, if you feel an intense and sharp pain, chances are it is more than soreness, in which case you should get checked out as soon as possible.

How to Prevent Injuries


Cross-training means you do a variety of activities that involve different muscles of your body. It allows for building cardiovascular fitness and protects your bones, muscles, and joints as cross-training is a low-impact activity.

Remember to stretch

Stretching is important to ensure your muscles are warm and ready for action. Skipping on stretching can cause your muscles to be tense and be in unnecessary stress, which leads them to be more prone to injury.

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Wear Appropriate Foot Wear

Wearing appropriate footwear is essential for preventing injuries. Make sure you wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable and fit your needs as well as are in good condition to perform at their best.

Know Your Limits

When training, it is important to push yourself, as this is the way you slowly start improving and are able to do more over time. Nonetheless, it's important to know your limits and know when to stop to ensure you aren't asking too much of your body.

Get Informed

Being informed about what you are doing is always important. Even if you have been following the same training regimen for a while, do some research and inform yourself about new findings and new training programs. This can allow you to not only reach your goals but ensure you are training correctly and taking proper care of your body.

Seek the Opinion of a Professional

If you are having doubts about the safety of the way you are training, it's best to ask a professional about it. By doing so, you can ensure you are taking the necessary safety measures as well as you can have the confidence of knowing that you are training safely and informed.

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