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When it comes time to choose your workout goals and the path it will take to get there, swimming or the pool are almost always absent from the list of exercises or spaces which will be used. Many people working towards a training routine are so focused on the equipment in the gym that they forget entirely about the pool.

Reasons to Include Swimming in Your Fitness Program

As any swimmer will tell you, there are far more benefits which you can get from swimming and other pool activities than you know. Athletic Republic Pittsburgh has some information below to share on some of the benefits to taking up swimming and exercising in water.

Lose Weight

If your goal is to shed a few extra pounds, then swimming is exactly the activity which you need to be doing. In comparison to many other exercises, swimming comes out on top when it comes to cardio and calorie burning. For example, a good swim for around 30 minutes can burn 300 calories.

Muscle Building

If you're looking to go in the opposite direction and want to bulk up, don't discount swimming. The water provides a solid level of resistance as you swim. Given that you only have your arms and legs to keep your body moving, the effects of this resistance build up quickly, leaving you to work harder to keep going. One of the benefits of using swimming to build muscle mass is that the action requires you to pull your own body weight. The bigger you get and more mass you gain, the more your muscles need to work to keep you moving.


If you are recovering from a sports injury and wanting to get back into fitness, swimming is a great bridge. The water and your body's natural buoyancy makes the activities low impact while giving you free movement to stretch and retrain your joints and muscles. Swimming and water-based exercise are often the choices for return-to-work professionals purely because of the low-impact nature of the activity.

Reach Higher

If you have ever done a solid session of breast-stroke then you know the feeling afterward - where you feel like your arms could reach for days. As strange as it feels, this is a good sign that your muscles are stretching. These effects can be felt throughout your body as a result of swimming, helping you to be more limber. Adding swimming to your sports training program can be a great boost to your performance and can help you get to your goals quicker. To help you plan out a sports training program which works for you, speak with a professional at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh. Call today at 724-933-4317 and let a qualified trainer help you reach your fitness goals.

Stress Reduction

The busier our lives get, the more stressed we all become. Without an outlet, this can lead to serious mental and physical health problems. Not only does the first feeling of hitting the water have a strong mental impact on your state of mind, but the relaxing act of slow swimming is a great escape for your mind and an excellent energy release for your body.

Increase Your Endurance

If you're looking to run for longer, swimming can help. Because of the heavy workout you receive through swimming, your body becomes conditioned to keep going and to push further. Alongside your current running training, this can be the edge you need to run that little bit faster.


If you perform serious workouts, then you know about the serious pain which can come afterward as a result of lactic acid. While stretching is a good start, swimming can definitely help. The motions required by swimming help to increase the blood flow to your heart and around your body, slowly clearing away remaining acid and reducing any tissue inflammation. This can be a great benefit to those who suffer heavily from post-workout pain and discomfort.

Take Your Sports Training in Franklin Park to the Next Level with Athletic Republic Pittsburgh

Swimming is just one of the great ways which can help you reach your fitness goals. Remember, just like all exercises, it's important for your safety that you perform the exercise correctly and listen to your body. If you don't have a routine or you are looking to shake yours up, speak with Athletic Republic Pittsburgh. Call a trainer today at 724-933-4317 and talk about your specific fitness goals, your current regime, and what you are looking to put into your training program. A dedicated trainer will assess your needs and provide quality advice alongside a purpose designed sports training program for you.