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Whether running is your sport or there is another that you are involved in, running is an excellent full body workout and way to improve your discipline and lung capacity. That being said, you’ll do well, regardless of your sport, to work on training for a marathon. Athletic Republic in Pittsburgh would like to share some of the best ways to help train for a marathon and get things done. 

Your first step in running a marathon well is to determine your reason for running it in the first place. If you do not have a healthy, determined motivation then you might find you won’t succeed at all. Keep your motivation in mind throughout the entire process. Keep in mind that this motivation could even mean running for a cause. 

Second, be sure that you’ve got well established goals for your training process. It doesn’t have to be about losing weight. 
  • Think about how you can increase your speed
  • If you do have a weight loss goal, ensure that it’s well defined

Now that your motivation is defined and your goals established, prepare yourself by getting the correct gear for the race. This does not mean that you need to go out and buy all new running wear, in fact you want to be sure what you use for your first marathon is broken in. You don’t want to risk wearing new shoes that weren’t as comfortable as you thought or wear an article of clothing that rubs you the wrong way. Sure, you can invest in a great pair of shoes for the race, but insure you’re wearing them to practice in for at least a week prior to the marathon date. 

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that you are preparing your body as well as possible for the race. A great way to do that is by eating to win. Here are some important tips to remember about what you should eat in preparation for a race:
  • Remember that carbohydrates are your most important fuel-you should be intaking about 65% of your calories from carbohydrates
  • Protein should make up at least 10% of your caloric intake
  • And at least 20% more should be unsaturated fat

If you are ready to run miles around the competition, improve in your sport to a level you did not think possible, then be sure to contact us at Athletic Republic. For sports training in Pittsburgh, and more details on how to increase endurance and improve your athletic perform, contact us 724-933-4317.