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If you have moved your training to a high-quality sports training complex in Franklin Park such as Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center then you have likely seen the increased number of tech-enabled equipment. While this equipment is designed to give the best workout possible, your own personal technology can be used as a complement.

Complementing Technology with Sports Training in Franklin Park

For this article, Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center has prepared some interesting information about the range of sports-focused technology available in the market and how you can utilize it to further your sports training workout in Franklin Park.


While there’s no doubt that technology plays a large part in professional tennis tournaments, being used to track the motion of the ball along with assisting umpires to make accurate line calls, tennis focused technology has made its way into the consumer market. Smart tennis sensors are now available which can be attached to your tennis racquet and record and report accurate tracking information throughout the game.

Rate Your Serves

The power of your serve can often decide whether you win a point, or even the game, however apart from the speed of the ball there hasn’t previously been much personal technology to boost your performance. With a smart tennis sensor, you are provided with information which not only rates the speed of the ball but the flex and torque or your racquet as you made the hit.

What Are Your Struggling Hits?

Counting your forehand, forehand slices, backhand and backhand slices is a great way to learn which strikes you need to strengthen however regular counting can’t provide extensive data. With the use of a smart tennis sensor, not only are your hits counted, the angle at which you hit, the flow of the racquet, right down to the distribution of pressure on the strings as you connected with the ball are collected, collated and provided in a visually appealing report displayed right on your cell phone.

Getting the Right Sports Training Motivation in Franklin Park

If you are struggling to stay motivated during your sports training in Franklin Park, it may just be that you aren’t focusing on the correct areas, leading you to see little to no improvement in your performance. Along with smart tennis sensors, speak with a training professional at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center at 724 933-4317 and take advantage of professional and experienced feedback to push your performance further.


Along with equipment based sensors such as the one mentioned above which can help to increase your tennis game, a range of wearable sensors have rapidly made their way to market which can provide high-level statistical data about your physical exertion levels and muscle growth.

Heart Rate Monitor

The most basic of wearable sensors comes in the form of a heart rate monitor. Able to easily record and report your running heart rate, these sensors provide crucial data to not only help you reflect on your training, but monitor your training and performance in real time. These sensors are a great way to ensure that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard, but also help to ensure that you aren’t letting yourself off too easy.

Running Tracker

The job of a traditional running tracker was to determine how fast you were going and over what distance, however, their usefulness has evolved well beyond this simple reporting. With the inclusion of a gyroscope and GPS, running trackers are now able to report information such as the duration of your run, your run speed, how far you traveled, where you travelled, the amount of inclines and declines right down to the motion of your body. Not only can this information be used to track your ongoing fitness, crucial data such as your body movement can be used to prevent injury and help to correct any posture concerns you experience during your run.

A High-Tech Sports Training Complex in Franklin Park

Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center has long been a supporter of incorporating the latest technology with a professional and individually designed sports training workout in Franklin Park with the use of leading edge training equipment available at our sports training complex in Franklin Park. Speak with Athletic Republic Pittsburgh - Training Center at 724 933-4317 and learn more about the high-tech equipment that is made available for you use throughout our sports training complex in Franklin Park. Our expert trainers have years of experience using a mixture of technology and old school style equipment to ensure your plan and the equipment you use are correctly aligned with your fitness goals.