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Safety Rules for Running Outdoors

Summer is almost over and running outdoors is one of the best ways to take advantage of this weather. Just remember that your safety should always be your priority to avoid accidents and injuries. For this reason at Athletic Republic in Pittsburgh we would like to share useful tips on this important topic.

Make Yourself Visible

Remember to wear reflective materials and bright colored clothes, especially if you are running at night. Wearing a headlamp is also recommended to avoid falls, however you should always stick to populated and illuminated areas.

Avoid Wearing Headphones

Listening to your favorite music can make your workouts more fun, however you should refrain from wearing headsets while running outdoors, as they reduce your alertness and you won't be able to hear oncoming traffic.

Never Run Alone

Having a running partner or group will make things safer for everyone. Also, don't forget to bring an Identification and your cellphone in case you need to reach your relatives or the emergency services. Running outdoors is a good way to make your trainings more exciting and productive, just remember these simple ideas and trust your instinct to stay safe. Keep in mind that finding excuses to skip your workout is very easy, so be sure to read our guide to motivate yourself to train.

Sports Training in Pittsburgh

At Athletic Republic we use the most state of the art technology to monitor your improvement and develop the skill you need to become the athlete you want. Think about us next time you are looking for sports training in Pittsburgh. Call (724) 933-4317 to learn more about our exclusive programs. ; ;