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When it comes to staying hydrated, we all know that we need to do it. The challenge is that drinking water just isn’t exciting.

From a young age, we are all taught that we need to drink water to stay hydrated. And as much as it is an accepted fact, too many people go through their day without drinking a sufficient amount of water, leaving them to feel dehydrated and not perform at their best.

How to Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water

If this sounds like you and you are ready for a change, below is a great post from Athletic Republic, Pittsburgh about how you can stay hydrated without drinking water.


Adjusting your meals to include more vegetables is an easy to boost your daily hydration, especially if eaten at night with dinner. While traditionally vegetables aren’t the most popular food, produce contains a large amount of water, which means hydration. If you are having difficulty eating vegetables, considering mixing them into a puree and adding a small amount of salt or cream to the top. When eaten at night as part of dinner, this can be a great way for your body to utilize the hydration to help your body rest and roe repair and recover.


Similarly, fruit is a great way to increase your hydration and is even easier to include into your diet than vegetables. Whether it’s an Orange in between meals while you’re at work or some pineapple pieces on the train ride home to tide you over, fruit is a great source of water. When considering which fruit to choose, look for fruit which has a lot of juice, as this contains a large portion of the fruit’s water source. If you aren’t able to access fresh fruit, a bottle of fruit juice can have the same benefits, providing that it doesn’t contain added sugar. If you are unsure about how much water you should be drinking or you have questions about how well matched your eating plan is to your program, speak with Athletic Republic, Pittsburgh at (724) 933-4317 to book an appointment and meet a trainer to discuss your fitness goals and plans.

Flavored Tea

One of the biggest challenges with flavoring your water is that the flavors often include a  large amount of sugar, often defeating the purpose of drinking water and improving your health. Instead of these flavorings, look for flavored tea. These come in a traditional tea bag and infuse your water with a range of flavors. One of the great benefits to this tip is that it is easy to store some of the tea bags at your work or in your bag so that you can easily add flavor to any water you have access to, and it is drinkable both hot and cold.


If your struggling with drinking water is that it’s too cold, as is the weather, then soup is here to help you out. Broth-based soup is largely water, providing you with a good boost to your hydration along with a hearty meal. One of the benefits to broth-based soup is that it can be made in bulk, allowing you to apportion and freeze it, leaving it ready to be defrosted in single serves.


If you are in the opposite climate mentioned above, and it’s hot out, then you will love this tip. Make your own popsicles at home simply by mixing fruit with water, or search online for a range of other ideas. Having these tasty treats in your home is not only a great way to cool down but the frozen water will also help hydrate your body. Similar to the tips mentioned above, when taking up this tip, be sure to use recipes which utilize fresh fruit instead of adding sugars.

Sports Training in Pittsburgh, PA

If you have hit a plateau or you are finding it difficult to remain interested in your fitness plan, don’t give up. Instead, speak with a friendly trainer at Athletic Republic, Pittsburgh by calling (724) 933-4317 to find out how their professional sports training programs can get you back on track towards reaching your personal health and fitness goals.