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Being prepared to workout intensively is key if you want to reach your athletic goals. Part of it means that you need to have all of your gear together to do the best job you can! So, in order to help you pack your gym bag with all the things you’ll need to have a gratifying training session, Athletic Republic in Pittsburgh has this post for you.

Your Workout Equipment

Clothing and Shoes

Depending on the type of training you’ll be doing, is the kind of clothing and shoes you’ll need. However, whatever the case may be, keep in mind that they should allow you to move and workout comfortably.


Are you lifting weights? Take your gloves with you. Are you doing yoga? Don’t forget your yoga mat! Make sure to have all of the supplies you’ll need in order to have a successful training session.


Having water with you is super important if you’re completing an intense routine. Bring a big water bottle with enough of this vital liquid to keep you hydrated and moving during your workout!


A grueling routine requires extra energy. A small snack, like a protein bar, a fruit or a handful of almonds, can help you keep going. Just make sure to not overeat so you don’t feel heavy afterwards.


You put a lot of effort into your training session, which, more often than not, results in a lot of sweating. Make sure to take a towel with you so your perspiration doesn’t bother you while you exercise.


You may not think much of it, but you need a bag of toiletries with you. A deodorant, paper towels and even a toothbrush and hair tie can become very handy and can allow you to continue working out comfortably.

Ointments and Gauze

Sometimes, you may get hurt during a particularly difficult move and, unfortunately, can’t stop with your training. This is why it’s important to have ointments and gauze with you to take care of any injuries.


Music can help you focus and give your workout your all. If possible, carry your earphones and your mp3 player with you, so you can find motivation with high energy songs that will help you keep going.

For Sports Training in Pittsburgh…

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