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 If you’re looking to become the best athlete you can be, it’s sensible to focus on comprehensive total body exercises. Isolating certain muscle groups is good for targeted training, but in terms of delivering overall fitness and strength, nothing beats compound exercises. The Plank may well be the best exercise out there, and Athletic Republic in Pittsburgh would like to offer a few reasons why.

Planks work a whole range of muscles

Unlike crunches and sit-ups, which usually only target your abs, planks engage your shoulders, back, chest, arms, and legs. It takes your whole body to keep you in a rigid plank position, so you’re getting a comprehensive workout. You can focus in on certain muscle groups by adapting your planks, too, there’s no need to stick to the simple static plank.

The Plank is adaptable

A static plank is already a great exercise, but you can also try side planks to really work your obliques, or integrate movement into your planks with moves like plank to push-ups or side dips. Variety is the spice of life, so make sure to switch up your workouts every so often.

It’s safe

Unlike sit-ups and most other core exercises, planks don’t require you to use your body in unnatural ways. Core muscles are there to provide support to the spine and ensure good posture, and planking strengthens them isometrically to do just this. Dr. Glenn Wright of the University of Wisconsin claims that planks ‘maintain the stability of the core muscles’ whereas crunches etc. actually place a lot of stress and strain on your back and core. The Plank is also very easy to learn, so establishing proper form is quicker and easier than with other core exercises.

Of course, however fantastic The Plank may be, you can’t become an athlete performing just one exercise. Integrating planks into a varied workout regime can provide excellent boosts to your core strength and stability, but you also need to include strength training and cardio for holistic gains.

To take your training to the next level, enlist the help of Athletic Republic. Our programs are scientifically-developed to target specific skills and traits you need to develop to really excel. Whether you want to improve your agility or build your strength, call 724-933-4317 to organize personal sports training in Pittsburgh today.