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During the summer season, the higher than normal outdoor temperatures can make it harder to train. If you're worried about your outdoor training, use these tips to make it work.

How to Stay Safe While Training in the Summer Heat

As summer temperatures rise, it can get harder and harder to find the motivation to train. If you do some outdoor training, the heat won't only mess with your motivation, but it can also make it harder to get through an entire session safely. To stay safe while maintaining your training routine, use these tips.

Wear the Proper Training Gear

When you're training outdoors, your training gear will make a huge difference. To start, stick to light colors because they will help reflect the sun, which in turn will help keep you cooler. You may be tempted to wear clothing that covers you less, but this will leave your skin exposed to the sun, which can lead to sunburns and overheating. Instead, keep yourself covered but make sure your training gear is made of breathable fabric that won't keep sweat trapped against your skin. Moisture-wicking fabrics will move sweat to the outside of your clothing, helping it evaporate faster. Avoid wearing things like normal cotton t-shirts since these can get hot and aren't made of breathable material.

Stay Hydrated

It's no secret that when temperatures are high, you'll end up sweating more than usual. Of course, when you sweat more heavily, your chances of dehydration also increase. Since your body is losing fluids quickly, it's important that you replenish these. Drink more water than usual, but avoid drinking too much of it. Sports drinks are also a great option because they replenish other nutrients your body will lose when you sweat. As you pick your ideal sports drink, pay attention to how much sugar they have since too much sugar won't do you any good as you train.

Take Baby Steps

You may be tempted to do your entire training routine as you normally would, but the added heat can make this harder. Instead of pushing your body too hard, take baby steps and ease into your workout on the hottest of days. In fact, if temperatures are dangerously high, it's recommended that you reduce the length of your workout for your body's own good. Instead of going as hard as you normally would, build up to this slowly. If you're trying to reach some new training goals but need help staying on top of these, check out the sports training programs at Athletic Republic of Pittsburgh. Their professionals will be happy to help you get closer to your training goals. To learn more about their training programs and their impressive facilities, contact their trainers at (724) 933-4317.

Listen to Your Body

Your body may struggle to complete your normal routine when it's hot out, so don't ignore signs of a serious struggle. If you try to push through it even when your body is letting you know that something isn't right, this can have some serious consequences. Look out for signs of dehydration or even more serious issues like heat stroke or heat illness.

Train at the Right Time

If you're used to training at midday or even right after work, this may not work out well during the summer. You'll be better off changing your training routine so that you can get this done during the coolest hours of the day. This can mean either training early in the morning or later on in the afternoon. Avoid training during the times of the day when the sun is the strongest and when temperatures reach their peak.

Cool Down Properly

Finally, you may be tempted to throw yourself on the floor after a hard training session, but this won't do you any good. Make sure you still have the strength to walk around as your body cools down and adjusts after your last training exercise of the day. You'll also want to drink some fluids and pack a healthy snack to start your recovery strong. It can also help to head into a cool space to help your body temperature come down slowly and get you back to normal.

Get the Results You Want With Sports Training in Pittsburgh

To reach your training goals, sign up for a sports training program at Athletic Republic of Pittsburgh. There are tons of programs you can enroll in to target your specific needs. To learn more about these or to schedule your next training session, give Athletic Republic of Pittsburgh a call at (724) 933-4317.