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After a tough training session, your body will need some extra help recovering. If you're not sure how to get your body back to its best, use these essential recovery tips.

How to Make Your Post Training Recovery More Effective

If you're training hard to reach your goals, don't forget that recovery can also impact your progress. Avoid getting burned out and plateauing by taking your recovery seriously and committing to it. Not sure where to start? Use these basic steps to get on the right track.

Stay Hydrated

As you work out, it's almost certain that you'll start to sweat. Whether you sweat a lot or a little, your body will need you to replace those lost fluids in order to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can lead to serious concerns during your workout, so don't forget to pack some water. After your workout, drinking more water is a must. In fact, drinking water may not be enough for your body as it tries to recover. Since you'll lose more than just fluids when you sweat, a sports drink is a good option to help you replenish all of the electrolytes your body is losing. Don't drink just any sports drink either since some of them are packed full of sugar. Find a good one for your needs and use it to stay hydrated after your workout.

Eat After Training

After a long and exhaustive training session, your body may be feeling beat. Instead of going to sleep right after, make time to eat a healthy meal. Ideally, you should have a meal within the first hour after completing your training. This meal should include plenty of proteins and carbs in order to help your body recover and be ready for the next day's training. Since carbs and proteins can help repair tears in your muscle tissue, these are a must. Many people opt to have a protein shake after a gym session, which can be a huge help to your body. Pack your shake materials or pick one up on your way out.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is a must if you want your body and mind to recover in time for your next training session. While you sleep, your body will get to work repairing damaged tissue, making it easier for you to take on your next session. Sleep will also help you feel less fatigued, more energized, and more focused overall, which is great during a training session or competition. If you don't get enough sleep, this can lead to elevated blood pressure and a sluggish pace. For all the help you need to reach your sports training goals, contact the trainers at Athletic Republic of Pittsburgh. They offer tons of sports training programs and their state of the art facilities can make it easier for you to reach your goals. Learn more about these by contacting their trainers at (724) 933-4317.

Make Time to Stretch

Many people skip stretching after a workout because they think it really isn't helpful. In reality, stretching is great practice after training. By stretching while your body is still warm, you're allowing your body to cool down slowly. Try doing static stretches after training to cool down and to help with muscle recovery. Do about 10 minutes of stretching and take some time to foam roll your muscles to reduce the soreness that can develop after training.

Don't Overdo It

You may have a very specific goal in mind that you're trying to reach, but give yourself plenty of time to get there. If you all you can see is your goal and not the progress you're making, you may be tempted to do even more during your training sessions. If you end up doing too much, this can actually hurt your progress because your body will get beat up and just feel exhausted.

Active Recovery Days

An easy way to prevent overdoing it is by taking active recovery days. Recovery days don't necessarily mean sitting in front of the television and not moving a muscle. You can still train, just take it easier on these days. You can reduce the weight you're working with, do fewer reps than normal, or run a shorter distance or at a slower pace. This way you'll stay active but you'll also give your body a much-needed break so that it can recover and come back stronger.

Get the Results You Want With Sports Training in Pittsburgh

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