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How well your body recovers depends on a range of factors which includes how well you sleep. This article can help with tips to help you drift off to sleep with ease. Whether your health and fitness goal is to lose weight or to gain muscle, how well you recover and how quickly you can reach your goals depends on a few things, including how well your sleep.

Tips to Help You Drift off to Sleep

Below are some tips from Athletic Republic Pittsburgh which can help you get to sleep faster and achieve a higher quality of sleep.


While you will likely be on a restricted diet or at the least be watching the items that you eat, it is still tempting to leave all of your allowable points or cheat foods until dessert. After all, that’s when the majority of the best flavors are available. Unfortunately, this is also around the time that you go to bed. This means that, right before you prepare to go to bed, you are ingesting a large amount of sugar which is going to do nothing short of wake up your brain and your body. Instead of this routine, consider swapping your sugary desserts for something which won’t keep you awake For example, low-sugar cake or mousse can be a great dessert to have and one which won’t keep your brain buzzing all night long.

Change Your Bedtime

If you go to bed earlier and earlier hoping to fall asleep quicker only to find that you stay awake until the same time that you usually would anyway then you aren't doing yourself any good. Instead of laying in bed and waiting to fall asleep, consider moving the time that you actually go to bed closer to the time you expect to fall asleep. While it is a simple mind-over-matter affair, not lying in bed waiting to fall asleep is the best way to not lay in bed waiting to fall asleep! If you are looking to boost your performance, speak with Athletic Republic Pittsburgh at (724) 933-4317 about how moving your routine to their facilities can help. Call today and speak with a trained professional!


There is no denying that our life is controlled by screens. Whether they fit in your hand and act as your phone or they are in your living room and show you movies and TV, screens are everywhere. And while they undoubtedly have their uses, one of the side effects of staring at them is that they will most certainly keep you awake. Approaching this is a two-tier plan.
  1. The first step is to invoke any ‘night-shift’ type features which your device may offer. These utilities work by removing the amount of white light visible on your screen, showing more of an orange-tinted view. This helps to prevent the activity from keeping you awake and can reduce eye damage.
  2. The second step is to remove the screens entirely from your bedroom. Whether this means that you turn it off completely or leave it downstairs on the couch, be sure that an activated screen has no place in your bedroom and in your bed.

Replace the Activity

Of course, if you want to replace watching television entirely, considering as a great relaxing pre-sleep activity. Not only can the action help you to drift off to a peaceful sleep but it can also work to sharpen your reading and your vocabulary skills, working to make you more rested and smarter!
  • Consider white noise/music
Before you say anything, this tip comes with the caveat that you use a device other than your phone and preferably one which doesn’t have an internet connection. Listening to music or white noise sounds can be a great way to help you sleep. The trick, when it comes to this tip, is to choose music that you don’t regularly listen to. For example, if you put on a playlist of your favorite songs then all you will do is lay in bed and sing the songs in your head. Instead, look for songs which don’t have lyrics or are entirely classical music. Of course, it goes without saying that you should also avoid anything up-tempo or with a beat which is catchy.

Improve Your Sorts Training in Sports Training in Cranberry Township

In addition to sleep, how well and correctly your train has a great impact on your results. Speak with a trained expert at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh today at (724) 933-4317 to find out more about how moving your sports training to their state-of-the-art facilities can help you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely.