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When it comes to a workout routine, stretching doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. So much so that a previous post was dedicated to providing information about the benefits of stretching; especially for those undertaking weights training.

The Best Post-Workout Stretches

Keeping with the theme of stretches, Athletic Republic Pittsburgh has some information below to share about the top post-workout stretches, including how to complete them, and their benefits.

Shoulder Roll

With the nature of weights training to continue increasing the lifted weights, it can seem like the shoulder joints of somebody undertaking weights training rarely get any relief. However, it is because of the continued action that your shoulders see that they should be treated to stretches. A basic shoulder roll is all it takes to get you started with your shoulders.
  • Stand up straight with good posture and simply roll your shoulders forward for 10 seconds.
  • Once the 10 seconds is up, reverse rotate your shoulders. A couple of reps of this will help to loosen them up.
  • Next, raise each arm to the side and again alternate rotating your hands.

Lower Back

Whether you’re deadlifting weights or laying on your back pushing up leg weights, your lower back is going to feel the pains of a serious workout. If you push it too hard, it can even lead to inflamed muscles and joints that fall out of alignment.
  • To stretch your lower back, lay on your back on a comfortable surface
  • Life one knee up to your chest and hold on to the knee with your hands
  • Gently pull your knee closer to your chest until you can not stretch anymore
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds
  • Repeat this with your other knee.
An important note for this stretch: When you are pulling your knee towards your chest, you will feel some serious stretching going on. While you should be careful not to injure yourself, remember that a good stretch is one that you really feel. To learn more about stretches and how a professionally designed program can take your sports training in McCandless to another level, speak with a trainer at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh by calling 877-571-4042 (toll-free).


Whether it’s to hold you steady as you lift up and down or you’re targeting them directly, your thighs get quite a secondary workout during your sessions. Your thighs are also known for being the most painful after a workout, making walking the next day...interesting. To give your thighs a stretch, try these:
  • Sit on a comfortable surface with your legs straight out in front of you
  • One foot at time, try and reach your toes with your hands
  • Once you have reached as far as possible, hold for 30 seconds
  • Repeat with the other leg
  • Next, sit on the floor as if you were going to cross your legs, however, match the bottoms of your feet together.
  • Gently press down against your knees, slowly separating your thighs.
  • Hold for 30 seconds.


Speaking of muscles which feel sore the next day; let's talk about your calves. If you're running a lot as part of your sports training in McCandless, then you are going to love the after effects of this stretch. The easiest way to stretch your calves is by using a step or stair.
  • Step up one step and hold onto a railing or stable object for balance.
  • Move your feet back until only the balls of your feet are on the step
  • Slowly release the tension in your feet to lower your heel and stretch your calves
  • Hold a downward position for around 5 to 10 seconds


It doesn’t matter if you are lifting weights or running on a treadmill, to get the full effects of a workout you should be holding your core strong for posture and toning. The longer the session, of course, the longer your core is activated, leaving it tense. This can cause you to walk slightly hunched over because of discomfort in your core region. While it may not feel good at the time, it will feel great the next day.
  • Lay face down on a yoga mat or towel on a comfortable surface.
  • Take your hands beside your shoulders in a push-up position
  • Leaving your feet and legs on the ground, use your hands to push up your upper-body from the ground.
  • Look up to the roof or sky as you perform this stretch
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds
If you are doing this movement for the first time then the stretch you will feel across your midsection may seem strange. If you have any discomfort or pain, stop, however, it is important to remember that stretching comes with its own feeling.

Improve Your Results with Simple Stretches and Professional Sports Training in McCandless

If you think that each of the stretches is easy, you are right! And with good reason - stretching is easy! The basics of stretching are simple; your muscle is tight and sore, you stretch it out to release tension, it repairs itself and grows, you feel better. In addition to adding stretches to your routine, speak with Athletic Republic Pittsburgh at 877-571-4042 toll-free and ask about how professional sports training in McCandless can help you reach your fitness goals faster and safer.