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A personal trainer can help you reach your athletic goals. But not any trainer will do, it needs to be a good one. Here is what you should look for on a sports trainer.

Not Any Personal Sports Trainer Will Do

There are many personal sports trainers, but not all of them are a fit for you. You need to find a person that is as invested in your athletic development as you are. Your sports trainer should bring your results, push you, and listen to your needs. Here you’ll find some of the traits you should be looking for in a personal trainer.

Passion for Fitness

Trainers are in the business of molding athletes’ bodies, so they need to look the part. They don’t need to be athletes themselves, but they should be fit. Fitness is a product of passion, determination, and dedication. Look for the trainer that feels that way about sports training.

Communication Skills

Your trainer needs to be able to listen to your needs and your goals and not just tell you what to do. At the same time, they should be able to express themselves to help you get to where you want to be. Communication is key to a successful sports training journey.


Your trainer needs to understand how the human body functions and which exercises work better. They should also know about weight management, injury prevention, and nutrition. An excellent trainer is continually updating their knowledge of the ever growing field of physical activity.


Remember that this will be a professional relationship. You are paying for a service, and you should receive what you pay for. It’s great if you can strike a friendship and feel comfortable with your coach, but you should still get the respect any other client would.


Not all personalities mesh well together. You need to find a trainer that fits your needs. Someone who can push you when necessary and be empathetic when you need it the most. Try some free sessions with different trainers until you find one that matches what you need.

Find the Best Sports Trainers in TARGET

One of the many benefits of training in a sports training complex such as  Athletic Republic Pittsburgh is that you have access to the best training professionals. They have an excellent group of sports training experts to help you reach your athletic goals. Start your training by scheduling your session at (724) 933-4317.