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Get some extra squats in next time you work out. We have some great tips for you on how to add some new varieties of squats into your workout routine. Squats are a fundamental way to work your lower body. These bodyweight squats will help work out different muscles and give you some variety.

Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is a bit tricky to master but the results are worth it. Start out from the standing squat position with your feet hip-width apart with your feet pointing forward. Hold your left leg straight out in front of you with your arms also in front of you. Your arms and left leg should be parallel. Slowly squat down all the way until your butt is almost to your heel. Your lifted leg should be fully extended out in front of you. The hovering food should be a few inches above the floor when you are fully down. The hard part is getting back up from this position. Stand back up without falling over or using your lifted leg to help you. Repeat with your right leg lifted.

Chair Squat

Start this squat variation with your feet and legs together. Now sit down backwards pushing your hips out behind you. While you are moving down, lift your arms as high above your head as you can. Try not to let your chest drop while you are doing this. Now stand back up and repeat. Atlantic Republic wants you to get the most out of your workouts. For sports training in Pittsburgh check out Atlantic Republic. Give us a call today for more information at 724-933-4317. We have other great tips for you and your workouts like how to do sit ups correctly.