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There is very little more physically rewarding than a solid weights training program. Before you start your program, read these tips to make sure you're prepared. When it comes to working out, there are little other ways to achieve solid results than with weights. As fancy as the machines in the cardio section is, weights are where it’s at. However, reaping the benefits of a good weight based training program isn’t as simple as inputting some information into a computer and reading the results.

Don't Just Jump Straight Into Weight Training

Before you start any exercise program, it’s important that you know a few important tips. In the case of weight training, Athletic Republic Pittsburgh has such a list, below.

Cold Starts

The worst thing that you can do when starting a weight training is to start before your body is ready. That is to say, NO COLD STARTS! As tempting as it can be to just get right into your training, it’s important to remember that your body simply doesn’t work that way. More to the point, it isn’t going to respond well to a cold start when it comes time for muscle recovery and building. For this reason, it’s crucial that you warm up your entire body before your session. Why your entire body? Well, while you might just be working on your arms, there are numerous other muscles in your body which are supporting your posture. Each of these needs to be warmed up before it can work at its peak. BASIC RULE #1 - WARM UP FIRST!

Prepare to Stay Hydrated

When you think about cardio training, the first thing that comes to your mind is a body drenched in sweat. For this reason, people always remember to take their water bottle onto the treadmill. However, weight training often gets neglected when it comes to such thoughts. Just as it is important to stay hydrated during your cardio training, those training with weights shouldn’t neglect to maintain good hydration levels. However, this isn't to say that water is going to be your liquid of choice. If you prefer to use sports based hydration drinks which suit your needs, don't’ be afraid to include them. BASIC RULE #2 - STAY HYDRATED If you aren't sure how much water you should be drinking during your sports training in Cranberry Townshipspeak with a qualified and experienced trainer at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh at 724-933-4317 and speak about your goals and how professional sports training in Cranberry Township can help you get there. More than just personal trainers, the qualified staff at Athletic Republic Pittsburgh can work with you to plan your sports training session to ensure that all of your exercises are done correctly, to avoid injury, along with ensuring you are constantly pushing yourself further with each session that you undertake.


If there is one thing which all people do during their first few weight training sessions, and it is to hold their breath. Whether it’s because they think it inflates the muscles or whether it’s purely a mind-over-matter instance, first-time weights users often tend to hold their breath. Of course, if you’re interested in living to the end of your training program then it’s important that you keep breathing. In fact, to get the most out of your program, it’s important that you pay attention to your breathing during each exercise. Generally speaking, breathe in when you tense your muscles, and breathe out as you relax your muscles. BASIC RULE #3 - BREATHE

Strike a Pose!

Just like Madonna said, “Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it….Vogue!”. And while she may have been referring to the dance craze of the time, when it comes to weight training, how you look is everything. Before you start any of your exercises, be sure that you fully understand the posture that your body should be in. Even more, be sure that your body matches it during your exercise! Locking your joints is the easiest way to cause yourself an injury. Pay attention to your posture at all times, and if you feel it going off, stop the rep and try again. BASIC RULE #4 - TRUST IN MADONNA

Add Weights to Your Sports Training in Cranberry Township

When it comes to bulking up or toning your muscles, it is hard to look past the benefits which weight training provides. If you are looking to take your sports training in Cranberry Township even further with weights training, speak with somebody who can help you reach your goals faster. Call Athletic Republic Pittsburgh at 724-933-4317 and speak with a training professional about how they can help you reach your goals faster, and safer.